DiGiCo Quantum Consoles Have The Grammy Awards Covered

From front of house to production mixing to monitors, DiGiCo’s Quantum was the core platform for making “Music’s Big Night” a sonic success 


The 65th Grammy Awards took place at the Crypto.com Centre in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday 5th February. A cohort of veteran mixers and an all-star cast of DigiCo mixing consoles were provided to manage a complex production, which included a 15-minute-long history of rap performance, from 35 of some of history’s greatest Rappers.


The event’s vendor, ATK Audiotek/Clair global, provided the show’s equipment, which included Two of Digico’s Quantum7 consoles for front of house. Both Consoles were used to mix the evening’s live performances, which included Harry Styles, Adele and Lizzo to name a few. Ron Reaves and Michael Parker manned both the Quantum7’s, whilst production mixer Jeff Peterson was using a Quantm338 desk. Two more Quantum7’s, manned by Tom Pesa and Andres Arango, were also used similarly on a bifurcated stage, on which one performance would take place on, while the next would be setting up on the other. Everywhere you looked, everywhere you listened, you saw and heard DiGiCo Quantum.


“The Quantum7 is simply the best tool for that job,” said Ron Reaves, who was mixing his 20th Grammy Awards show. “It presents a very good, very powerful platform that lets you do anything you want and place anything you want anywhere on it,” he said. Ron had spent time before the show with over two dozen individual artists, performing rehearsals, and sound checks consulting with their front-of-house mixers.


With its natural power, the Quantum7 made light work of the consistent workflow that occurs when putting on a show so sophisticated that is the Grammy Awards. “My gain structure and way of working will put less pressure on the preamps, but if they start to almost clip upstairs, I’ve still got a ton of headroom on the same preamps,” Reaves explained. “Between the power and the flexibility, it’s the only console we could do this on.”


When it came to the monitors, Tom Pesa was called upon to cover the IEMs for stage right and Arango for stage left, with both on DiGiCo Quantum7 consoles. Pesa, who was working on his 23rd Grammy Awards, said the basic currency of monitors for the Grammy Awards is a foundation channel template built on the Quantum7’s work surface.

For more details on this year’s Grammy Awards, visit www.grammy.com. ATK Audiotek and Clair Global can be found online at www.atkaudiotek.com and www.clairglobal.com.

About DiGiCo

DiGiCo is a UK-based manufacturer of some of the world’s most popular, successful and groundbreaking digital mixing consoles for the live, theatre, broadcast and postproduction industries and is exclusively distributed in the US by Group One Ltd. of Farmingdale, New York. For more information, go to www.DiGiCo.biz.