DiGiCo Expands Production Capability With New Factory

Digital solutions manufacturer DiGiCo, part of the Audiotonix Group, has opened its newest production facility in Glenrothes. The larger facility is only 200 metres from its existing unit in Glenrothes, Fife. Its location, as much as its growth opportunity, was of paramount importance.

“It was vitally important for us to stay as close to our original location as possible,” explains Audiotonix Group Operations Director Tony Williams. “This has allowed us to retain the skills and knowledge of longstanding employees, some of whom have over 20 years of service with us. We value their loyalty, dedication to quality and in-depth knowledge of our complex products.”

The refurbishment of the building took nine months to complete, all achieved with local contractors employed to support the local economy.

“Everything is completely new from the electrical infrastructure to heating and lighting so that we have a world-class facility that is both cost effective and environmentally responsible,” Tony continues.  With the additional space, the factory layout has also been fully reviewed, with the result that all the manufacturing processes have been integrated to ensure efficiency, and to minimise non-value operations.

“The assembly lines have been designed to be flexible and can be reconfigured quickly to deal with peaks in demand for products,” says Tony. “We have also been able to integrate packing and dispatch into the manufacturing processing, which allows us to ship products more quickly.”

The new facility’s warehousing and logistics is shared with the Audiotonix Group.

“From an Audiotonix perspective, it is the logistics centre for the group, which again makes it more efficient and cost effective,” says Tony.

“It is fantastic to have the new factory fully operational and up to full power so quickly,” concludes DiGiCo’s General Manager Austin Freshwater. “Seeing all the latest technology and working practises in place makes me very happy indeed. The really exciting thing is that everyone, from our staff to our customers will benefit from the new factory, and it will allow us to improve upon the great service we are already known for!”