A.I. Assisted Tools For Audio Production

sonible was founded in May 2013 by Ralf Baumgartner, Peter Sciri and Alexander Wankhammer, three graduates of a pioneering audio engineering program offered jointly by the University of Music and Performing Arts and the University of Technology in Graz.

Later in 2013, Daniel Hojka joins the team as lead developer for hardware and sonible releases ml:1, a USB DI-box for event professionals.


In 2014, d:24 and d:16 are developed and released; The multi-channel amplifiers offer a compact design, brilliant sound and flexible interfaces that are designed to cater to the needs of science, art and research in the field of 3D audio.


In 2015, sonible’s first plug-in called frei:raum was released. Amongst its three EQ-layers, there is smart:EQ, an equalizer enhanced with intelligent machine learning that automatically corrects spectral deficiencies.


In 2016, sonible adds ml:mio to its portfolio  – a universal, compact MADI media converter, splitter and router. Later that year, sonible and IEM (Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustic of the University of Performing Arts, Graz) introduce IKO – a unique 3D audio speaker system based on Higher Order Ambisonics.


In 2017, sonible releases proximity:EQ, entropy:EQ and smart:EQ live and extends its range of plug-ins. The team is growing and sonible starts to shifts its focus more and more to new intelligent tools for assisted mixing.


Since 2018, multiple award winning AI powered plug-ins for audio post-production were released, including smart:EQ 3, smart:limit, smart:comp 2 and smart:reverb. With acquiring a position among the world’s leading developers for AI-based audio plug-ins and a growing reputation, sonible continues to lead the way into the future of modern audio postproduction.


Audiotonix make smart investment in sonible intelligent plug-in processing

Audiotonix make smart investment in sonible intelligent plug-in processing

Audiotonix has announced the acquisition of sonible, one of the world’s leading developers of assistive artificial intelligence (A.I.)

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