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STEAM powered mixer

Our plan with STEAM is simple. We want to inspire young students by developing their skills and knowledge in science, technology, arts, and engineering using our kit-based USB powered DJ audio mixer that they must build and assemble themselves or as a team.

We are starting this initiative in the UK where we will be directly working with a number of schools as pilot schemes, whilst also allowing a range of schools, youth groups and charities from the UK to register their interest to take part in the project. These kits will be provided at heavily discounted prices or, in locations where access to funding and program opportunities are limited, they will be supplied free of charge. The list price for each kit is £299.95

International schools are also going to be able to register thanks to the support of our brands and their international partners who are all being given the opportunity to actively take part in this STEAM powered mixer project.

All schools, youth groups and charities can register their interest using the form at the bottom of the page, and we will be in contact in the coming weeks with how we can help.

Additional note for inspiring engineers of all “age groups”, don’t panic, the kits will also be available for purchase directly from us in the UK or from our international distribution partners at £299.95, more details will be available on this website once we start shipping.  All the money generated from these sales will be directly invested back into more kits for more young students. Every kit purchased will allow us to put at least two more kits into production, so that we can all help inspire the next generation of engineers to build their own USB powered DJ mixer.

2 Channel DJ mixer – like the pros use

The mixer itself is comprised of three printed circuit boards (PCB’s) with individual through hole components that need to be soldered. The mixer can be simply assembled with the supplied casings to make the finished product.

STEAM is USB 2.0 (USB B) powered, making it safe to build and easy to use in any location. We provide full instructions with video and written tutorials so that everyone knows what they are doing at each step of the process. The desired output is that the students build an understanding of how the different technical elements work together to create a product they can use to generate their own content.

Once built, that’s when the creative fun can start! You now have your hands on a fully functioning professional quality two channel DJ mixer and, with some guidance from guest DJs, we will even help you get the best from your mixer whether in the classroom or at a school performance.


Audiotonix and our pioneering audio brands have been designing and engineering innovative audio mixing and processing technology for entertainment and media markets for over 60 years. We are experts in professional audio production and work with our customers so they can create and deliver everything from your favourite music, live concerts, international events, venues, theatre, live sports broadcast, films, TV, radio, podcasts, broadcast news all the way to the background music you hear when you walk into your favourite retailer.

Basically, we design and build the products that help make the amazing music and audio that you hear every day.

To continue being a leader in technical innovation requires considerable investment in research and design, engineering and advanced production and manufacturing. We also have to ensure there are skilled engineers and technicians who can operate our products with the creative and artistic vision that keeps pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve during a performance or production. We can only continue to succeed if our industry has ongoing access to talent that start developing their skills and passion whilst at school or in further education. At Audiotonix we believe in promoting STEM and creative programmes that help bring through this next generation of engineers who are going to amaze and inspire us in the future.

That’s why we developed STEAM.


A special thanks to Azego, Turner Packaging, ZOT and the DiGiCo R&D Team for all their involvement in this special project.



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